Kids to Camp Program

The New York State Outdoor Guides Association [NYSOGA]

is an organization representing professional guides in New York State. NYSOGA feels it is extremely important to promote and preserve the many great outdoor recreational opportunities that exist in New York State that we all share. The next generation of outdoorsmen/women and professional guides needs to begin gaining the knowledge and appreciation for the wilderness at an early age. NYSOGA realizes this and has set up our Kids to Camp Program. Through this program NYSOGA offers sponsor camperships to youths 11 to 17 years old to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation [DEC] Environmental Education Summer Camps.

Since its inception the NYSOGA Kids to Camp Program has been funded annually by donations to the NYSOGA Kids to Camp Quilt project. There are also opportunities for other special donation programs to help with funding when the situation presents itself. Currently two memorial donation programs are helping fund our Kids to Camp Program. Memorials have been set up in memory of Captain Walter Boname and Captain Tim Hallock, past NYSOGA members who eagerly shared their knowledge of the outdoors with adults and especially kids anytime they could.

If you or someone you know are interested in being sponsored by NYSOGA to an Environmental Education Summer Camp, contact any one of the members of the NYSOGA Board of Directors listed in the “About NYSOGA” section. They can guide you through the process to submit your application for NYSOGA sponsorship to camp.

To get more information about the DEC Environmental Education Summer Camp program go to the DEC website at: