New York State Outdoor Writers’ Association


Christopher Paparo – chrispapro@gmail.com

Vice President

David Figura – figgy153@aol.com
Dan Ladd – buck@adkhunter.com
Tom Schlichter – tschlichter@opyonline.net

Membership Secretary

Stephen George – capt.stephen1007@gmail.com

The NYS Outdoor Writers’ Association was formed to improve the media relative to the out-of-doors and keep the public informed on matters of natural resources, use, management, and conservation. It strives to encourage the highest standard of ethics and encourage members to freely express information without influence of fear of penalty or favor. It aims to promote integrity in its members while developing the skills of all members.

Web site:www.nysowa.org


NYSOGA Sponsor Affiliate Information

New York State Outdoor Guides Association (NYSOGA) Sponsor Affiliate will be persons, organizations, or companies who have an interest in the environment, conservation, sports, or other activities pertaining to NYSOGA.

The Annual Sponsor Affiliate fee is $60.00. NOTE: Sponsor Affiliate is valid from January 1 through December 31 during the year of application.

Sponsor Affiliate may not be a member of the NYSOGA Board of Directors or vote on issues that come to the attention of NYSOGA.

Sponsor Affiliate applications will be verified for authenticity and approved by the Membership committee.

NYSOGA Active Members or Life Members may also submit an application for Sponsor Affiliate status, for a fee of $25.00 in addition to any membership dues.

The benefits of Sponsor Affiliate may include:

  • Sponsor Affiliate certificate issued upon payment of dues
  • Prominent listing on NYSOGA website Sponsors page with a direct link to your website
  • Receipt of the NYSOGA Newsletter publication Guidelines and the NYSOGA E-Newsletters when they are published
  • Rack Cards for NYSOGA advertising purposes
  • Use of the NYSOGA camera ready logo upon request
  • An invitation to attend the NYSOGA Annual Winter and Summer Rendezvous
  • Conducting a seminar or set up a display highlighting your business (with approval of the Rendezvous Committee Chair)
  • Opportunity to contribute to the NYSOGA Guidelines newsletter
  • Meet and network with active guides
  • Share in NYSOGA’S working relationship with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Please fill in the Sponsor Affiliate Application below. For questions, please email NYSOGA at info@nysoga.org.