New York State offers the absolute finest in Licensed Professional Guides through
the New York State Outdoor Guides Association

The guiding profession has a very long, rich and colorful history in New York State. Since the early 1800's, guides have been providing safe and comfortable travel to remote regions of the state. Legendary guides such as Orson "Old Mountain" Phelps, Mitchell Sabatis and John Cheney practiced their trade in the Adirondacks and are recognized as the forefathers of today's professional licensed New York State guides.

Present-day guides continue this tradition by offering safe, enjoyable and exciting outdoor experiences for the adventurous traveler. Guided hunting, fishing and camping trips are still available, as are a wealth of other opportunities including nature studies, whitewater activities, rock climbing, and numerous winter recreational pursuits. Employing a professional guide can afford the vacationer the opportunity to utilize their time most efficiently.

Gary Ives of the N.Y.S. Dept. of Environmental Conservation explains the benefits of hiring a licensed guide, “Guides can save you the pitfalls of learning by trial and error in a new country. Not only can they help you on where to go, but also on where not to go” Guides can introduce even the experienced outdoorsman to woods and waters that he might not otherwise venture upon. No one guide knows all of the New York State rivers and ponds, but every region has some men and women who are thoroughly versed with their local regions treasures. The guides of NYSOGA welcome the opportunity to show you the beauty and serenity that each unique region of the state has to offer.