Lee, Elizabeth Lic #5047

53 Champlain Ave, Westport, NY 12993

(518) 962-4756

Email: lakeside5047@gmail.com

Website: http://www.insidethemap.com

Hiking, Skiing, Paddling. ADK Eastern region and Champlain Valley. All seasons. Childeren and Families welcome.

Nature Trips: Adirondacks/Saratoga

Outdoor Education: Adirondacks/Saratoga

Photography Trips: Adirondacks/Saratoga

Back Packing: Adirondacks/Saratoga

Camping: Adirondacks/Saratoga

Canoe & Kayak Trips: Adirondacks/Saratoga

Hiking: Adirondacks/Saratoga

Snowshoeing: Adirondacks/Saratoga

X-Country Skiing: Adirondacks/Saratoga

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