NYSOGA Master Guide Program Goal

The goal of the Master Guide Program is not only to recognize NYSOGA members who have through years of experience and advanced training reached a level of professionalism far beyond the requirements to become a licensed NYS Guide, but to show the general public that our organization promotes these higher standards. It is also the goal of this program to inspire our members to become master guides through such experience and advanced training.

NYSOGA Master Guide Program

The Master Guide Program is not associated with the NYS Licensed Guide Program. This is strictly an in house program to identify guides within the association who have, through their years of experience and other criteria, reached a level of expertise to be identified as a master guide.

If designated as a master guide after review by the Master Guide review panel, such guide will be noted as such in the NYSOGA website listing of its member guides.

Once designated as a Master Guide such person must be willing to mentor other NYSOGA member guides.

To be considered for Master Guide status an applicant must meet the criteria listed below in the master guide process.

NYSOGA Master Guide Process

President will assign 3 members to a master guide sub-committee.

The committee members will review the digital applications and submit results to the president within 30 days of receiving the application. A unanimous vote is required for an applicant to receive master guide status. If approved, the president will notify the applicant. If the applicant does not meet the requirements the sub-committee chair will notify the applicant explaining the reasons for their decision. At that time the applicant, if they so choose, will have 30 days to supply any additional data for the sub-committee to consider. If the sub-committee still denies master guide status the applicant can request to meet with the sub-committee and NYSOGA President to further discuss the issue.

Once approved, the member will be noted on our website as a master guide.

The criteria for being selected as a master guide along with a disclaimer explaining that this designation is not in any way related to the DEC state guide licensing program will also be posted on the website.

If an applicant is a member of the review sub-committee that person would be replaced in the review process by the NYSOGA president or his or her designee.

PleaseĀ Click Here to fill in the Master Guide Application. For questions, please contact John Wainwright (315) 894-5834 or emailĀ jwainwrightf@aol.com.

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