NYSOGA Summer & Winter Rendezvous


NYSOGA Rendezvous is a formal gathering of licensed guides held each year in March. Rendezvous offers an opportunity to meet other members, interact and network with other guides, observe how the Association is working on behalf of its members, and pick up First Aid, CPR and Water Safety trainings for prospective new guides as well as the venue for re-certifications for current guides and so much more! Winter Rendezvous is also a site used by DEC for its spring testing of new guide candidates.

The annual meeting for NYSOGA members and the election of new officers to the board of directors is held on Saturday afternoon, as well as regional meetings and appointing of regional directors. These meetings are followed by the annual banquet, awards presentations and an evening of socializing and fun. All Rendezvous attendees and their guests are welcomed to the banquet and evening activities. As with summer rendezvous there is also time for enjoying the company of fellow guides renewing friendships and making new friends. Come join the fun!

QUESTIONS?? Email: info@nysoga.org

NYSOGA Winter Rendezvous Committee: Sonny Young (Chair), Herb Broome, Roy Earley, Mary Hall, Scott Locorini, Brian Manning, Sandra Rose, Craig Tryon, Jeff Whittemore, Alan Woodruff and Sheila Young.